This method was developed by accident. It is a mixture between VCD and SVCD.
It is a MPEG2-Video-Stream with Variable Bitrate, but the size of a VCD (352x288), and choosable Audio-Bitrate (96-224kb).

Simply download the TMPGEnc Template, make a VFAPI-AVI and load it in TMPGEnc. Then load my template.

I have tested it on my DVD Player. I put up 121 minutes on 1 80min CD.

You code to MPEG2 VBR, so the result size will not ever be that good. You get the best results on 16:9 material.

In my case it was Star Wars Episode 5.

It was tested on the Yamakawa 715 and on the Pioneer 535.

RELEVANT: multiplex the mpv and mp2 stream with bbMPEG to SVCD, then Nero will realize that it is an SVCD.

mail if you get good results and if your DVD-Player liked the CD