Multiplexen mit bbMPEG.

The best method to multiplex, bringing video and audio together, is bbMPEG.

Use version 1.24b18, it has some sync fixes.

Start the AVI2MPEG2-GUI.

Click on "Start encoding"

and then on "Settings"...

If the MPEG-Stream is bigger than 1 CD, you can set a "Max Size".
745 = 650MB(74 min) CD
795 = 700MB(80 min) CD
895 = 800MB(90 min) CD
You should enter this after you selected the stream in the "Program Stream Setting" because this field will be cleared after selecting the stream.
Go to "Input and Output files"

Select the output file in "MPEG Program Stream file".
And then select the input video and audio stream.

Then go to "Program Stream Setting"...

Select the stream type,in this case SVCD.

ATTENTION When you get underflow-errors while multiplexing, stop it and increase the "Forced mux rate", or type in 0, then bbmpeg will compute the value. This is the best way, I think.

Click OK and then "Start".
Now the streams will be multiplexed......